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Frequently asked questions

Do you write receipts for Health Insurance?

Yes, we are members of the Natural Health Practioners of Canada and as such we have a registration number we can write on your receipt. Some insurance providers accept receipts for Acupressure. You would have to confirm with your provider if you are covered.

What's the Difference Between Acupuncture and Acupressure?

Acupressure does not use needles, so it's a great, effective, gentle alternative for people who are afraid of needles. Acupressurists use their fingers to stimulate pressure points and patterns of pressure points that get your energy flowing, release blockages and relieve your symptoms. The practice of Acupressure has been around longer than the practice of Acupuncture. In fact, Acupuncture has its roots in Acupressure.

How Many Sessions Will I need?

The number of sessions you will need is dependent on the problems you present. Some people find relief and do really well after just a few visits and then come back to see us again if something new presents. Others, with chronic pain, trauma or emotional issues benefit from seeing us more regularly in the beginning. We will provide you with a thorough assessment and work with you to find the right treatment plan for your needs.