Testimonial: Oscar, April, 2019

The specialist is very knowledgeable of the meridians of the body.  I feel renovated and clear minded. I recommend you have an open mind about this technique.  Clean and good Zen place.  Try it!

I enjoy my practice because I get to witness profound change for clients regularly.  There is nothing more satisfying than watching Acupressure help others. 

My Intention is to work with you to achieve optimal health and wellness.  Through the practice of Acupressure, we will work with you to get to the root cause of your health issue and provide you with a safe and comfortable space to find relief.  My goal is to provide relief from stress, trauma, acute and chronic pain and injury and to support a happy, balanced,  lifestyle using completely natural and highly effective techniques: Acupressure and Energy Work.

Acupressure accesses and increases your body's natural healing abilities by providing release of energy and relief of symptoms.  It is natural, safe and powerful.  This  healing technique has been used for centuries for relief from headaches,increase fertility, pain reduction, balance mood, enhance athletic performance, plus many other health issues and symptoms

Testimonial: Rita, Aug 2019

Kelly is very experienced and provides a relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely be a returning client!

Testimonial: Lana, April, 2019

I had a great overall experience with my Acupressure Massage.  The environment was relaxing and calming. Kelly was very knowledgeable and put me at ease the entire time I was there. I thoroughly recommend 2 The Points Acupressure and can't wait to go back!

Testimonial: Michaela, Sept 2019

A calming experience that provided me with immediate relief from chronic tension and headaches I will definitely be back!

Testimonial: Significant relief of my symptoms after just one visit - I have continued with treatment for much more benefit. Kelly had really helped me with acupressure massage. I am now a client. Highly recommended!


Testimonial: The whole experience was wonderful. Carla J. 2018

Testimonial: Great experience! I haven't felt this good in a long time.  Wanda T. 2018

Testimonial: He is very good. I felt so relaxed during the session

David C. 2018

Testimonial: Kelly is a great therapist, I enjoyed my treatments with him very much. It was relaxing and therapeutic just as it should have been and the atmosphere is pleasant.


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